Customer's Reviews

"Thank you so much for the samples! Amazing soaps. I really like all of them but my favourite is the Gentleman. I've just ordered a few more!" - Jackie, South London, UK

"Great soap! They feel os silky on my skin and not drying at all. I have eczema prone skin and this is wonder and looks amazing. Wonderful designs and lovely scents. Will definately buying more!" - Ashley, UK

"Beautiful vibrant soaps. The smells...OMG!" - Karen, London UK

"Love my soaps so much! My hands never dried out at all, which is a first for this time of the year and nor have the kids! They smell so good!" - Karina, London, UK

"I received my soaps today 🙂 They are beautiful and smell so good .So excited to use them . I’m new at soap making and just made my first cold process a few weeks ago . You have been an inspiration for me to continue with my creativity in this soap artistry 🙂Thank you so much 🙂also thank you Sarah for my extras  that you put in my order💕🙂💕Have a wonderful day"
Kathleen, CA, USA

They smell amazing and oh my gosh the lather!!" 
Joana, London, UK

"My skin has never felt so good. I keep stocking up on your soaps!"
Natasha, UK

"I won't be buying soaps from the shop anymore, with all those detergents. Your soaps are something else and so gentle on my skin!!"

"Love your soaps so much and I can't wait to see what you bring out next!"
Gary, South London, UK

"Not only are your soaps fantastic to use but they're amazing to look at as well!"
Luca, Nottingham, UK