How are your soaps made?
I use the traditional Cold Process method. Which basically means adding oils and melted butters together with sodium hydroxide (lye) and together they make soap. Don't worry the lye and oils cause a chemical reaction together so there's no trace of the lye in the soap at all. 

Do you sell sample packs?
At the moment I'm not currently selling sample packs but very order does receive a free sample soap! I'm hoping to start selling sample packs soon!  

Do you ship to the U.S?
Yes! I do now ship to the U.S! Please check the Delivery Section to find prices before purchase.

How long does your deliveries take?
I use Royal Mail to post all my orders. There is an option for a standard 1st and 2nd class delivery, which is untracked and a tracked 1st class and 2nd class delivery. Unfortunately,  if you do decide to choose the untracked option I'm unable to monitor where your package is in the event it gets lost. If this is the case, I am happy to work with you to resolve the situation so both parties are able to come to a amicable solution. 😁